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Hamblingreen's Projects

Linux and C development

Please visit any projects below that seem interesting to you, and leave a feature request or issue. Merge requests are even better!


Mobile linux UI that runs in the framebuffer and is efficient, minimalistic, scriptable. A continuation of Miles Alan's project. Works best on the Pinephone.

Practical C++ Programs

Practical programs written in C++. I got the prompts from the book Practical C++ Programming by Steve Oualline. They include a word count program, date arithmetic calculator, and more.

Practical C Programs

A collection of programs written in C. I got the prompts from the book Practical C Programming by Steve Oualline, and they are made to be as simple and well-documented as possible. They include an imperial-to-metric unit converter, a serial data transfer speed calculator, and more.

AUR Packages I Maintain

I maintain AUR packages for software that I use, most of which is mobile-linux related. I have a systemd timer set up that activates nvchecker-notify to let me know of any upstream repo tags, but it never hurts to mark a package out-of-date just in case.